Slow Cars Down with Sustainable Recycled Rubber Traffic Calming Solutions by Traffic Logix

Physical devices installed on your roadways leave speeders no choice but to slow down.

And with unlimited options of configurations, you can find one that best meets your speed limit, aesthetics, and safety goals.

Reduced Speeds

Rubber solutions like speed humps and cushions are proven effective in slowing cars down, reducing 85th percentile speed by close to 20% and reducing odds of childhood injury or death by close to 60%.

Easy to Install

Our speed hump, cushion, and table units are made from interlocking units that click together and bolt right down to the road. Our curbing units are simply bolted down. All rubber solutions can be removed and reinstalled.

Recycled Rubber

Made of 100% post consumer tires, Traffic Logix speed cushions, humps, and tables rescue waste materials from landfills and give them new life. The rubber is comfortable to drive over, durable, and long-lasting.


All Traffic Logix rubber traffic calming solutions are made of individual units so you can use them to meet your specs, speed limits, and safety challenges. Highly reflective taping is available in a choice of colors and patterns.

Rubber Traffic Calming Options

Traffic Logix rubber speed hump

Speed Humps

Traffic Logix rubber speed cushions

Speed Cushions

Traffic Logix Rubber Speed table

Speed Tables

Traffic Logix SuperFlex rubber curb

SuperFlex Curbing

Traffic Logix Cycle Lane

Cycle Lane

Build Your Own Solution

in 3 easy steps

This unique tool will allow you to customize Traffic Logix traffic calming solutions to fit the specific dimensions and traffic concerns of your roads. Once you create your desired configuration, you can save it and/or email it to us for a quote.

Rubber Traffic Calming Enhancing Street Safety

Explore how rubber traffic calming solutions improve safety for all road users.

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Slow Cars and Protect Your Streets!

Recycled rubber traffic calming solutions are an effective, low-cost, and simple way to slow speeders and protects your streets.


Asphalt fades and cracks over time and is difficult to create with identical profiles at each location. They also need to be destroyed for street repairs. Rubber never fades or cracks, is premolded for precise sizing, and can be removed and reinstalled.

Unlike asphalt solutions, all of our rubber solutions can be installed by just closing a single lane instead of an entire street. They are quick and simple to install and require no curing time as asphalt does.

Our rubber speed humps, cushions, tables, and curbing require little to no maintenance and are a long-lasting, durable alternative to asphalt solutions.

Our SuperFlex curbing can be used to create traffic circles, curb extensions, medians, or lane narrowing. Our CycleLane curbing is specifically designed to create delineated lanes for bike travel.

Depending which device you choose and what length you decide to install, our rubber traffic calming devices can slow cars to a wide variety of speed limits. Let us know what your desired traffic speed is and we can help you choose the best solution!