Over 60,000 car crashes take place in US work zones each year. In 2015, 700 people were killed in fatal work zone crashes. When drivers fail to slow down in work zones, they put themselves, and the people at work, in danger.


Protecting Drivers and Workers

What many drivers fail to recognize is that not only are they putting workers at risk, but they are putting themselves in danger as well. Installing driver feedbag signage notifying drivers of changed speed limits has been shown to be an effective tool in slowing drivers down. The Traffic Logix SafePace 550 sign offers the ability to program speed limits to change by day of time or week so that lower speeds are displayed when work is taking place.

Standard Your Speed signs such as the SafePace 450 sign can alert drivers to their speeds and flash warnings to drivers who fail to obey speed laws. For more interactive messaging, the SafePace 800 sign can be programmed to display any combination of text, digits, and graphics to ensure that drivers get the message and respond. The Enforcer Cam can provide valuable imagery to assist in enforcing speed limits to improve work zone safety.

Workzone pylons and hard hat

Road Work Ahead

Risk to drivers is significantly higher than it is to workers. 85% of work zone fatalities are drivers and passengers; while 15% are workers.

Work zones are typically marked by traffic cones, signs, flags, and the like. However, drivers often ignore these devices, and maintain their speeds. How can you make drivers aware of roadway and speed limit changes?


SafePace 450 Radar Sign

SafePace 450

SafePace Cruiser LT

SafePace Cruiser LT

SafePace 550 Radar Sign

SafePace 550

SafePace Guardian Pro

SafePace 625 Radar Sign

SafePace 625

SafePace 800 Radar Sign

SafePace 800