One of the big draws of gated communities and HOAs is the safety and security that they offer their residents. In fact, gated communities often attract people who are concerned about safety, including those with young children or pets. In recent years, such vulnerable road users have become more at risk as the percentage of fatalities of people killed outside vehicles has increased by more than 50% from 20% to 32% of crash fatalities.


Better Community Roads

Slowing cars down to safer speeds can make the difference between life and death on local community roads. Slower speeds save lives. Driver feedback signs remind drivers of posted speed limits while alerting them to their current speeds. They have been shown to change driving behavior and sustain lower speeds even over time. Physical solutions such as speed cushions and humps are another effective way to compel drivers to obey posted speed limits.

The Traffic Logix line of SafePace radar signs and speed humps and cushions will decrease the likelihood of accidents on your roads, and reduce the severity when a crash occurs. They have prevented countless accidents in communities around the world and can return safety to your neighborhood’s roads.

kids riding bicycles

Choosing Safety

Keeping streets safe and preventing accidents is even more of a priority for property managers and community boards than for typical municipalities. Car crashes are the top cause of unintentional death for children and traffic accidents happen most in daylight hours and in good weather, when children are likely to be outside playing. An ITE report  on residential safety highlighted the importance of slowing speeders on such neighborhood roads that are used by children, as speed is a key risk factor in child pedestrian injury and children are unlikely to be able to make wise decisions about road use.


SafePace 100 Radar Sign

SafePace 100

SafePace Guardian Cam

Traffic Logix Rubber Speed table

Speed Tables

SafePace 250 Radar Sign

SafePace 250

SafePace Cruiser LT

SafePace Cruiser LT

SafePace 450 Radar Sign

SafePace 450

Traffic Logix rubber speed cushions

Speed Cushions

SafePace 650 Radar Sign

SafePace 650

Traffic Logix rubber speed hump

Speed Humps