SafePace Radar sign and hitch mount


The SafePace sign hitch allows you to mount your sign onto the trunk of a vehicle, allowing you to use your radar sign on a temporary basis as needed. The hitch is ideal for hazard zones or special events and can also be used in any other short term setting where safety is a concern.


• Portability with easy park and lock
• Temporary placement
• Ability to test sites before full installation
• Universal mounting bracket
• Optional solar power

Compatible with:

• SafePace 100
• SafePace 250
• SafePace 450
• SafePace 475
• SafePace 550
• SafePace 625
• SafePace 650


SafePace 100 Radar Sign

SafePace 100

SafePace 250 Radar Sign

SafePace 250

SafePace 650 Radar Sign

SafePace 650

SafePace 475 Radar Sign

SafePace 475