Protect your workplace, prevent crashes, and reduce liability inside and outside your facility.

Guardian Awareness Camera

The Guardian Awareness Camera is an innovative way to increase awareness and improve workplace safety. 

Sample Image Capture

Designed specifically for campus and industrial safety, the Guardian Awareness Cameras can help protect your employees and streets from dangerous driving. The cameras can be used both inside and outside your facility. They are mounted with a SafePace speed display sign that alerts drivers to their speeds. They give you detailed data on where speeding is occurring, and which drivers are speeding and are a powerful tool to enforce speed limits and reinforce positive behavior. 
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• For use in both day and night
• Ideal for campus or community roads
• Set local speed limit, violation
speed limit, and how many images to capture per violator
• Operational in all weather conditions
• Powered by AC power supply
• Optional solar power available
• Customized warnings
• Zero software footprint
• Data is accessible from anywhere
• 2 year warranty on camera, 1 year warranty on batteries

Compatible with:

• All SafePace sign models



Resolution (H × V) Full HD, 1920 × 1080 pixels
Camera Lens CS mount; fixed focal length; suitable for day/night time operation
Number of traffic lanes 1
OCR Server-based; Front plate


CPU Raspberry Pi compute module ARM Cortex-A72 1.5 GHZ Quad core processor
Memory 4 GB of RAM
Storage 16 GB of storage
Buffer approximately 1200 incidents (with typical settings)
Operating System Custom-built Linux


Internal/External Internal
Wavelength 850nm

Electrical Specifications

Power supply voltage 12 V DC
Instant Current 0.41 Amps
Power consumption 4.96 Watts approximately

Mechanical Specifications

Operating temperature -20° C to 65° C
IP rating IP65
Camera Housing Aluminum, light gray or black
Weight 3.65 lbs
Dimension of camera 8.25” (H) × 6.25” (W) × 2.75” (D)


WiFi Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
GSM 3G/4G (2G compatible)
SIM card size Standard
Ethernet Standard wired Ethernet 100 BASE-TX

Guardian Awareness FAQs

Monitoring the speeds of workers inside and outside your facility reminds them to slow down and ensures a safer workplace for everyone.

Ensuring safer speeds protects you in the case of an accident while traffic data provides the information you need to protect your company and facility.

Since these cameras are installed with an informational radar speed sign, many drivers tend to slow down as soon as they see a reminder of their speeds.

Our speed cameras give you detailed data on where speeding is occurring and which drivers aren’t observing speed limits so you can intervene and create a safer workplace.

Drivers who consistently observe speed limits can receive awards or recognition, while the sign itself can also show a smiling emoji to reinforce positive driving habits.


SafePace Evolution 11

Evolution 11

Evolution 12 Radar Speed Sign

Evolution 12

Evolution 12FM Radar signs

Evolution 12FM