Data report on computer screen


The data collection feature, an added option available with every SafePace sign, offers a valuable resource for gathering and analyzing sign performance and driver behavior.

Traffic data, statistics and reports can be downloaded from your sign location with Bluetooth or wifi connection or can be accessed remotely from anywhere for SafePace Cloud users.

Collected data can be retrieved and downloaded into a variety of comprehensive reports including:

• Speed data
• Summary or detailed reports
• Period comparison reports
• Advanced statistical data
• Customized reporting
• All reports can be printed or exported

Some of the data that is collected includes:

• Total and average vehicle counts
• Minimum and maximum speeds
• Average and 85th percentile speeds
• Percentage of speed violations


SafePace 100 Radar Sign

SafePace 100

SafePace 250 Radar Sign

SafePace 250

SafePace 650 Radar Sign

SafePace 650

SafePace 475 Radar Sign

SafePace 475