SafePace Pro


The intuitive, user-friendly SafePace Pro software, for use with all SafePace signs, includes everything you need to manage your signs.


• MUTCD approved 12” digits
• Affordable pricing
• Static Your Speed message
• Lightweight, compact design
• Energy efficient power options
• Choice of sign color

Compatible with:

• AC, battery or solar power
• Traffic data and reports
• Logix Cloud remote access
• Universal mounting
• School zone beacons
• Portable trailer
• Moveable dolly
• Hitch unit

Using the SafePace
Pro Software, you can:

• Set sign parameters such as:
– Speed display range
– Threshold speeds to activate flashing digits and strobe
– Detection Range
– Operation Mode

• Program schedules including:
– Sign operation schedules
– School zone beacon schedules

• Adjust digit and strobe flashing frequencies
• View real-time readings (when connected to signs)
• View sign data by location
• Customize messages, graphics, and animation
• Link messaging to designated driver behaviors


SafePace Beacon system

Beacon System

SafePace Cruiser LT

Cruiser LT

SafePace Radar sign and dolly

Sign Dolly

SafePace Radar sign and hitch mount

Sign Hitch