SafePace 550 Radar Sign


Variable Speed Limit Sign

The Traffic Logix SafePace 550 variable speed limit sign allows you to display speed limits based on work or school zone scheduling. Using highly vis­ible LEDs, the competitively priced SafePace 550 ensures that motorists are aware when the speed limit has changed. With the flexibility needed for safe school and work zones, the SafePace 550 lets you program speed limits by  the time of day or week. Offering outstanding features and superior functionality, the SafePace 550 is there to help protect your roads.


• MUTCD approved 15” digits
• Static Your Speed message
• Lightweight, compact design
• Energy efficient power options
• Compact or full size sign face
• Choice of sign color
• Diamond-grade sheeting available
• Strobe activation/deactivation available
SafePace 550 Alternate color faceplates

Compatible with:

• AC, battery or solar power
• Traffic data and reports
• SafePace Cloud remote access
• Universal mounting bracket
• Beacon system for school zones
• Cruiser LT mobile trailer
• Moveable sign dolly
• Sign hitch



Digits 15”(h) x 8”(w), 112 LEDs per digit
Text Letters 6.0”(h) spell “SPEED LIMIT” fixed message, 2 lines
Unit alone 21.5”(h) x 26”(w) x 3.5”(d)
Unit with “SPEED LIMIT” sign mounted 40.0”(h) x 30.0”(w) x 3.5”(d)

Electrical Specifications

AC power input 100~240 V AC
DC power input 12 V DC
Solar panel options 50W


LEDs 245
Digits 224 White, 15°, 5 mm, luminous intensity (18,000 – 28,000 mcd/LED)
Speed Violator Strobe 21 White, 15°, 5 mm, luminous intensity (18,000 – 28,000 mcd/LED)
Optical Lenses 245
Ambient light sensors 2 sensors and automatic brightness control


SafePace Beacon system

Beacon System

SafePace Cruiser LT

Cruiser LT

SafePace Radar sign and dolly

Sign Dolly

SafePace Radar sign and hitch mount

Sign Hitch