Residents across Ohio complain of speeding on their roads. What if there was a simple way to track when and where speeding actually happens?

What if you could manage speed complaints for less?

Check out the New! Speed Tracker wireless data collector.
• All the traffic stats you need
• Access data from anywhere
• Portable for multi-use
• Discreet so drivers don’t notice it

SafePace Counter

What if there was a sign that could do everything?!

The new VMS30 is the super hero of signs. Here’s why.

• Display messages updated instantly
• Display driver speed and speed limit simultaneously
• Display custom graphics
• Collect speed data you can access from anywhere

VMS 30

At Traffic Logix, we have everything you need to manage speed complaints, slow speeders, and keep your roads and everyone who uses them safe.

Contact us and find out how we can help you better protect your streets!