“Not only are the products well engineered and industry leading, but their customer service is just outstanding.”

ME, Greenwich, CT

“We can…. control the signs (at the port) right from our offices….. via the SafePace Cloud.”

RM, Charleston, SC

“It (the SafePace radar sign) is a neat little system that gets fantastic results.”

GL, Clearview, ON

“We love it (the SafePace radar sign)….. You’ll notice drivers instantly slow down. It really grabs their attention.”

SR, Greenburgh,

“People really slow down and they don’t speed up afterward. It (the speed hump) is a reminder to observe the speed limit and it actually seems to work.”

JM, Baltimore, MD

“It’s really great how we can download the data and share it with team members….. The response to the signs has been excellent.”

CL, Leading car manufacturing plant, Canada