Traffic Logix SafePace® radar speed signs are effective in slowing cars down, particularly with today's highly visual, often distracted drivers. Also called speed display signs, driver feedback signs, and "your speed" signs, radar signs operate based on the feedback loop theory: when we are presented with information about our performance, we tend to notice and improve. Extensive research has proven that feedback loops affect real and positive change on people's behavior. Speed radar display signs have been shown to slow drivers an average of 10%, usually for several miles. Using the Traffic Logix SafePace radar speed sign series, you can change the way that motorists drive on your streets.

SafePace speed radar signs have been installed across the US, Canada, and Central/South America using both solar and AC power, even in areas above the snow belt with cold, snowy winters. The competitively priced SafePace speed display series is intuitively designed, incorporating elements that reflect the concerns of today's cities and the habits of today's motorists.

The SafePace Signs Series includes:

SafePace 100

The remarkably affordable, compact SafePace 100 radar speed display sign

SafePace 450

A lightweight portable radar sign with full size speed display


SafePace 475 Speed limit sign

SafePace 550

The SafePace 550 variable speed limit sign for school or work zones

SafePace 600

The SafePace 600 dynamic messaging speed display sign

SafePace 650

The SafePace 650 dynamic messaging speed display sign

SafePace 700

Driver feedback sign with extra large digits

SafePace 800

Radar speed display and variable message board in one

SafePace Cruiser LT

Radar display trailer for sign mobility

SafePace Cruiser

The folding radar trailer

School Zone System

The school zone beacon system for use with any SafePace radar sign

The SafePace Signs Series:

  • Captures the Attention of Motorists: SafePace signs are MUTCD Compliant including large LED digits*
  • User Friendly: Easy to use management software lets you set sign parameters, download traffic data, and generate statistical reports
  • Quick, simple downloads: Bluetooth and WiFi compatible for quick and easy sign management and downloads
  • Low power consumption: SafePace signs are environmentally conscious including the most power-efficient radar technology available and optional solar power
  • Highly visible display: Even in poor lighting conditions, signs are easy to see with the unique light enhancing, anti-glare lens system and automatic ambient light adjustment (can use close-up of lenses here)
  • Weeks of uninterrupted use: Signs can function for up to four weeks without recharge when using optional battery power
  • Vandalism resistant: With a ¼" durable aluminum protective cover and individual optical lenses shielding each LED, signs are protected against theft or vandalism
  • Premium features included: Features such as an integrated speed violator strobe and stealth mode come standard with every sign so you don't have to pay more for the options you need.
  • Collect data for analysis: Optional data collection with a robust reporting model to generate a variety of reports
  • Durable and long-lasting: With high-strength aluminum sign faces and NEMA-4R compliant design, SafePace signs are made to last
  • Built to last: All signs include a two year warranty under normal use

*SafePace 400-800 model signs