SafePace® 100 Compact Entry-Level Speed Sign

  • Remarkably Priced
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Energy Efficient Technology
  • Universal Mount

The Traffic Logix SafePace 100 is the radar sign that fits your budget. This compact radar speed sign offers exceptional visibility and power efficiency in a lightweight, portable solution. Featuring the options you need at remarkably affordable pricing, the SafePace 100 is the sign you'll want to use again and again to keep your neighborhoods safe. To see photos of the SafePace 100 sign in action, view the photo gallery.


Priced low enough for any budget.


At just around 20 lbs, the lightweight sign is quick and simple to transport and can be mounted in minutes.

Energy Efficient

The ultra low power sign utilizes the most power-efficient radar technology available. The sign can function up to four weeks autonomously with optional 3 cell or 4 cell battery power.

Brilliant Visibility

Unique light enhancing, anti-glare lens system provide optimal visibility even in poor lighting conditions. The front-mounted lens system enhances LED brightness, prevents glare, and provides automatic ambient light adjustment.

User Friendly Software Interface

Easy-to-use management software lets you set sign parameters, download traffic data, and generate statistical reports.

Theft Protection

The ¼" aluminum protective cover and individual optical lenses shield the LEDs, protecting against theft or vandalism

Stealth Mode

Collect baseline traffic data while speed display appears blank to motorists

Speed Violator Strobe

Integrated flashing violator strobe alerts speed drivers, returning their attention to the road

Quick and Easy Management

Bluetooth included standard with every sign. Wifi or GPRS are available in addition to or in place of Bluetooth for a fee.

Two year Warranty

2 year warranty on sign, 1 year warranty on battery

Ideal for:

  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Private communities
  • School zones
  • Shopping centers
  • Corporate campuses
  • Construction zones
  • Industrial areas

Specifications Printer-Friendly Version

Click here to download the full spec sheet for the SafePace 100 radar sign.

Sign size with full "Your Speed" sign plate:
23.0" (w) x 29.0" (h) x 3.0" (d)

Sign size with foldable "Your Speed" sign plate:
21.5" (w) x 30.3" (h) x 3.0" (d)

Unit without sign plate:
15.8" (h) x 21.4" (w) x 3.0" (d)

Digits: 11.0" (h) x 5.6" (w) 98 LEDs per digit

Sign weight (including sign plate):

  • AC Powered Model: 21 lbs
  • 3 Cell Battery Powered Model: 23 lbs
  • 4 Cell Battery Powered Model: 25 lbs
  • Solar Powered Model: 23 lbs (does not include solar panel or bracket)
  • Protective aluminum casing thickness: 0.25"
  • MPH or KM/H
  • High intensity prismatic reflective sheeting on "Your Speed" signs in MUTCD compliant colors
  • Operating temperature F (C): -40 (-40) to 185 (85)
  • Power Options
    • AC Power
    • DC Power
    • 3 Cell Battery
    • 4 Cell Battery
    • Solar Power
  • Radar pickup distance: 300-400 feet
  • Weatherproof, non-sealed, and ventilated enclosure
  • Communication
    • Direct connection to PC
    • USB to Serial port adaptor cable (included)
  • Programming:
    • SafePace Pro or SafePace 100 Management Software 
    • Variety of display settings
    • Statistical reporting and charts

Traffic Statistics Only Package Available (Does not include sign face)


Data Collection: Built-in data engine collects traffic statistics including vehicle speed and count, allowing you to create valuable reports for analysis

Universal Mounting Bracket: Optional bracket makes mounting quick and easy, allowing you to use one sign at multiple locations. Bracket locks and unlocks with the turn of a key. 

Battery Power: Lithium ion batteries offers extended operation with choice of 9.6V, 10Ah battery for two week performance or 12.8V, 15Ah battery for four week performance before recharge under normal operating conditions.

Solar Power: Complete and compact solar power system available.

Folding Sign Plate: Sign is available with smaller "Your Speed" sign plate that folds compactly for convenient relocation.

Sign Dolly: Versatile sign dolly allows you to roll the sign onto the road surface as needed, ideal for school zone crossings, temporary work zones, or factory sites.

Dolly for SafePace 100 Radar Sign

Sign Hitch: The hitch option allows you to mount the sign onto the trunk of a vehicle, allowing you to use your radar sign on a temporary basis. The hitch is ideal for hazard zones or special events and can also be used in any other short term setting where safety is a concern.

Real-Time Readings: This option allows you to monitor the speed of vehicles as they drive in and around you facility, allowing you to address problems as soon as they arise without the need for complicated analysis. The real-time readings can be set to alert you when vehicles surpass a preset speed.

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