Radar Speed Signs

Traffic Logix next generation radar speed signs use unique optical technology to display the speed of approaching vehicles. Driver feedback signs and variable message signs like these are proven to slow traffic on local roads and in school zones.

Modular Rubber Solutions

Speed Humps are raised devices placed across the road to slow traffic. Speed Tables and Speed Cushions are flat-topped speed humps varying in length from two to six feet. And Alley Bumps address speeding and cut-through traffic in alleyways.
SafePace 100 SafePace 400 SafePace 450 SafePace 500 SafePace 600 SafePace 700 SafePace 800 Cruiser LT Cruiser SafePace Speed Beacons Cycle Lane Speed Humps Speed Tables Speed Cushions Parking Curb

Traffic Logix is a direct sales manufacturer that offers everything you need for safer roads and a safer workplace. Whether you're looking for a speed display sign, a speed trailer, a rubber speed hump, or flashing beacons, no one offers more traffic calming solutions than Traffic Logix. The SafePace® family of LED speed signs includes speed display signs for every roadway and budget. From our bestselling low-cost SafePace 100 sign to our static message SafePace 400, 400s, and 500 signs, and the variable message signs such as the SafePace 600-800 signs and our innovative Cruiser LT radar trailer, we have the sign you need to slow drivers down. Our modular rubber solutions including speed humps, speed cushions, and speed tables are created with patented interlocking units that snap into place for long-lasting, effective traffic calming. Displaying quality workmanship, innovative technology, and excellent visibility, Traffic Logix products are the solution of choice for thousands of municipalities, HOAs, military bases, industrial workplaces, school zones, and work zones. Whatever your traffic safety goals, we're here to help.
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SafePace Radar Speed Displays

Traffic Logix offers a full range of speed display signs and speed trailers. The SafePace series of sign solutions include radar speed display signs/speed indicator signs, driver feedback signs, message boards, speed trailers, flashing beacons, and flashing school zone signs. The signs feature highly visible LEDs and premium features such as flashing violator strobe and stealth mode included.

SafePace Software

The SafePace series of radar speed signs includes our own proprietary software for quick and easy sign management. The user friendly interface allows you to program your sign, set parameters, and customize messages. The optional data collection and reporting feature offers extensive and precise traffic information for analysis and reporting.

Rubber Traffic Calming Solutions

The Traffic Logix patented interlocking rubber solutions include rubber speed humps, speed tables, and speed cushions. These solutions are constructed of recycled rubber, are quick and easy to install, are durable and long-lasting, and can be used for permanent or temporary traffic calming. We also offer flexible rubber curbing, bike lane delineators, and speed bumps.