The deadline for the FY20 Tribal Transportation Safety Grant is August 20th. Don’t Miss It!

Apply for 2020 funds and protect your roads from crashes, injuries and fatalities.
Call now and don’t miss this opportunity!


Ext: 204 to reach Heather Barrett

What can you do with your grant funds?

Eligible categories include:

• Safety Plans
• Crash Data Assessment and Analysis
• Infrastructure Improvements

Protect your streets with solutions that are proven to slow cars and save lives!

Safepace Evolution 12FM

Variable Message Sign

The SafePace Evolution 12FM variable message sign is a compact, portable solution offering adjustable driver-responsive messages.

SafePace Evolution 12FM Flashing Radar Sign

Safepace Evolution 15

Lightweight Speed Display Sign

The SafePace Evolution 15 driver feedback sign is a portable, lightweight radar sign with a  speed activated message to slow down alerts speeding drivers.

SafePace Evolution 15 Flashing Radar Sign

Speed Cushions

Speed cushions slow cars to between 15-20 mph. Made of interlocking units that simply snap together, Traffic Logix speed cushions are quick and easy to install.

Rubber speed cushions with white markings

Speed Humps

Traffic Logix recycled rubber speed humps are rounded traffic calming solutions, are ideal for residential roads and slow cars to 10-20 mph.

Rubber speed hump

With over 10 sign models, we have the radar sign for every budget.

Best of all? One year cloud connection is absolutely free.

And while our competitor charges around $1,500 per sign for annual cloud access, we offer lifetime cloud access for just $1,800 per sign! Or just $400 per sign annually.


Find out more today and make your grant funds do more for you in 2020!


Ext: 204 to reach Heather Barrett