TX Speed Tracker

Residents complain of speeding. But are they right? Find out with Speed Tracker wireless traffic data collection.

3,610 people lost their lives on TX roads last year. Close to 16,000 sustained serious injuries. Figuring out where speeding is happening can prevent crashes before they happen.

Speed Tracker is an easy to install, intuitive way to assess where and when speeding is an issue.

Keep Texas roads safe with Speed Tracker by Traffic Logix.

Check out the New! Speed Tracker wireless data collector.

Speed Tracker offers wireless access to detailed traffic statistics.

Best of all, Speed Tracker and access to the Cloud are affordable so high fees don’t stand in the way of creating safer roads.

Speed Tracker Features:


  • All the traffic stats you need
  • Access data from anywhere
  • Portable for multi-use
  • Discreet so drivers don’t notice it

Speed Tracker

At Traffic Logix, we have everything you need to manage speed complaints, slow speeders, and keep your roads and everyone who uses them safe. Contact us and find out how we can help you better protect your streets!