Speeding cars kill innocent victims across Texas every day. But detecting speeders and alerting them may seem an impossible task.

Speed trailers from Traffic Logix can do this part of your work for you.
So you can get back to the work you love – keeping people safe every day.

Check out our best selling speed display signs and radar trailers, proven to slow cars down and save lives.

SafePace Evolution 12FM Flashing Radar Sign

SafePace Evolution 12FM

  • 12” MUTCD approved digits
  • Display custom messages
  • Speed activated driver alerts
  • Free 1 year data access

SafePace Evolution 15FM Flashing Radar Sign

SafePace Evolution 15FM

  • Full size MUTCD approved 15” digits
  • Speed activated slow down message
  • Alert speeding drivers
  • Free 1 year data access

Cruiser LT Trailer

  • Lightweight, economical trailer
  • Deploys in less than 3 minutes
  • Park in any position & rotate toward traffic
  • Portability for quick, easy sign display

To find out more, get in touch with Adrian Madrid, our traffic safety expert in Texas.

What if you could prevent each crash before it happens?

Watch and learn how you can save lives on your streets with Traffic Logix.

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*Offer expires March 31, 2021.