The versatile 18” SafePace signs are the only signs that can display text and messaging simultaneously.

They’re the TxDOT approved ITS you need for smarter work zones. The TxDOT approved 18” SafePace signs:


• Alert drivers to slow down
• Share construction updates
• Collect and store data
• Improve safety and reduce traffic delays
• Help cities plan safer work zones

SafePace signs can be used with the portable Cruiser LT trailer for use at multiple work zones.

*Approved by TxDOT with or without trailer for any construction work on TxDOT roads and highways. See TxDOT PO here.
Truck Mounted SP700
Truck Mounted SP700

The SafePace 700

  • Displays speeds in bright LED 18” digits
  • Can display any combination of text and vehicle speeds.
  • Is available in a choice of face colors, including work zone orange.
  • Can display changing speed limits during hours when workers are present.
  • Offers access to detailed speed data from anywhere.

SafePace 700 Radar Sign

The Cruiser LT Trailer

  • Offers lightweight, economical portability for SafePace signs
  • Deploys in under 3 minutes
  • Can be parked in any position with rotating sign feature

SafePace Cruiser LT

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Help TX cities slow cars in work zones and protect construction personnel and drivers from potential crashes and injuries.