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Radar speed signs slow cars down, and create safer driving habits for the long run.

Traffic fatalities on PA roads in 2019 were the lowest ever recorded.
But 1,059 deaths are still too many

SafePace Evolution signs can help you get closer to Vision Zero.

SafePace Evolution signs are used by cities across Pennsylvania to slow cars down and prevent crashes before they happen. They help save lives on PA streets every day.

Ready to give them a try?

Check out some of our bestselling SafePace Evolution models or visit our website to view the full lineup.

Safepace Evolution 12FM

Variable Message Sign

• Compact sign with smaller 12” digits
• Affordable pricing
• Static Your Speed message
• Allows for animated text or graphics
• Lightweight, compact design
• Energy efficient power options
• Dual-color LED display
• 3 digit display

SafePace Evolution 12FM Flashing Radar Sign

Safepace Evolution 15FM

Variable Message Sign

• MUTCD approved 15” digits
• Static Your Speed message
• Allows for animated text or graphics
• Integrated flashing speed violator strobe
• Energy efficient power options
• Dual Color Display
• Choice of sign color
• Strobe activation/deactivation available

SafePace Evolution 15FM Flashing Radar Sign

Every Evolution sign includes a full year of Cloud connection free

You can manage your signs right from your desk and keep on top of traffic stats and reports.
Download reports and watch how quickly speeds drop when you install SafePace signs to alert drivers of their speeds.

At Traffic Logix, we have everything you need to manage speed complaints, slow speeders, and keep Pennsylvania roads and everyone who uses them safe.

Contact us and find out how we can help you better protect your streets!