Monitoring speeds on New Jersey roads can be taxing.

Free up those long hours slowing speeders and let Traffic Logix signs do the work for you.

With signs that are web-connected and FCC and MUTCD compliant, you can get control of your roads without spending countless hours trying to catch speeders.

Check out our bestselling radar signs and start getting your police force back to more important things.

Both signs offer:
Flashing violator strobe lights • Static Your Speed message • Energy efficient power options •
1 Year free cloud access • Web enabled
Evolution 12 Radar Speed Sign

SafePace Evolution 12

• Compact sign with 12” digits
• Speed activated color changes
• Budget friendly option
Evolution 15SD Radar Sign

SafePace Evolution 15

• Larger 15” digits
• Choice of sign color
• Flashes Slow Down to speeders

At Traffic Logix, we help police departments slow speeders and keep your roads safe.

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Slow speeders the easy way.

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