Speeding Cars

With Speed Tracker from Traffic Logix, you can identify when speeding is actually happening, and when complaints are unwarranted.

Once you know where speeding is an issue, choose the SafePace Evolution sign with the features you need most. Or use recycled rubber speed humps to slow cars down.

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Speed Tracker Features:


  • Inconspicuous Appearance
  • Robust Traffic Analysis
  • Remote Data Access
  • Autonomous Operation
  • Optional Solar Power
  • Long lasting design
  • Amazing Portability

Speed Tracker

SafePace Evolution Signs include 1 year cloud for free and affordable annual access fees at a fraction of competitor pricing.

Safepace Evolution 12FM

Variable Message Sign

The SafePace Evolution 12FM variable message sign is a compact, portable solution offering adjustable driver-responsive messages.

SafePace Evolution 12FM Flashing Radar Sign

Safepace Evolution 15

Lightweight Speed Display Sign

The SafePace Evolution 15 driver feedback sign is a portable, lightweight radar sign with a  speed activated message to slow down alerts speeding drivers.

SafePace Evolution 15 Flashing Radar Sign

Traffic Logix recycled rubber speed humps give cars no choice but to slow down.

Speed Humps

Traffic Logix recycled rubber speed humps are rounded traffic calming solutions, are ideal for residential roads and slow cars to 10-20 mph.

Rubber speed hump