Keeping streets safe isn’t simple.

Traffic crashes took 850 lives in Indiana in 2020 and caused serious injuries to nearly 3,500 people.

But is spending more time patrolling your roads the answer?

What if you could get detailed traffic data on where and when speeding is happening?

Speeding may not disappear. But it will become a lot more rare. And with the power of data,

you can pinpoint enforcement exactly where it’s needed most.

Speed Tracker

SpeedTracker from Traffic Logix

is an affordable, discreet tracker that can track vehicle
speeds wherever speeding is a concern.


• Wireless speed tracking

• Detailed traffic data

• Access reports from anywhere

• Easy & quick to mount

• Get data in real time

Evolution Radar Signs

protect pedestrians, passengers, and drivers by slowing speeders down.
All our signs are cloud connected, so you get detailed data and stats
on what’s happening on your streets.


• Slow speeders down

• Driver responsive messaging

• Violator warning strobe

• Cloud connected

• Detailed traffic data & reports

Find out how you can save police time and create safer streets at the same time.

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Our solutions are used by police departments across the USA.