A 91% Reduction

In Speeding,

In Just

8 Weeks.

With The Guardian Pro
Speed Camera System!

Whether you want to gather data and imagery on speed violators or use speed cameras to help enforce speed limits...

The Guardian Pro is here to help you capture the images you need for highway safety, school zones,

and overall safer roads.

Standalone Camera system
Daytime/Nightime operation
Image Capture
Multiple lane photo capture
Fixed or mobile installation
Issue warnings to speeders

The Guardian Pro speed camera system offers discreet image capture from multiple lanes with pinpoint accuracy.

Proven to work! See for yourself.

When the Guardian pro cameras were first installed, a staggering 9,300 people were caught speeding. Just 8 weeks later, only 835 drivers were. The 91% decrease in speeders left Parkland pleased, and almost shocked.

Start slowing speeders today!