Join us at the CAI Arizona Tradeshow on April 16 and find out how you can decipher the secrets of your streets.

Check out our discreet, low-cost Speed Tracker for simple, accurate speed assessments.

And learn how you can make speeding disappear wherever it’s a concern with solutions like our speed signs and recycled rubber speed humps.

Don’t let speeding sacrifice the safety of your streets. Find out more today!

Speed Tracker

Speed Tracker

• Wirelessly collects traffic data
• Low cost, reusable device
• Manage speed complaints
• View data from anywhere
SafePace Evolution 12FM Flashing Radar Sign

Driver Feedback Signs

• Alert drivers to their speeds
• Proven to slow cars down
• Variety of models available
• Driver responsive and interactive
Rubber Speed Hump

Recycled Rubber Speed Humps

• Physical solution to slow speeders
• Customized to your streets
• Quick and easy to install
• Highly visible and aesthetically pleasing

Find out if resident complaints are accurate with simple, wireless speed detection with Speed Tracker.

Slow cars and protect your streets with driver feedback signs and recycled speed humps.


At Traffic Logix, we help communities just like yours to safeguard the ordinary, every day.

Call Ari, the Traffic Logix safety expert in your area.

Set up a meeting before, during or after the CAI show and find out how you can change the way people drive on your streets.


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