Local governments across Arizona are getting critical pandemic relief to alleviate the damage the health crisis has done to local budgets.

It’s time to create safer streets to protect your city’s residents as they walk, bike, and drive each day.

Alert drivers to their speeds, reduce speeding, and eliminate crashes and fatalities on your roads.

We’re here to make your safety goals a reality.

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Speed Tracker

Speed Tracker

• Wirelessly collects traffic data
• Low cost, reusable device
• Manage speed complaints
• View data from anywhere
• Make better informed traffic calming decisions
SafePace Evolution 12FM Flashing Radar Sign

Driver Feedback Signs

• Alert drivers to their speeds
• Proven to slow cars down
• Variety of models available
• Driver responsive and interactive
• Access & download detailed data and reports
Rubber Speed Hump

Recycled Rubber Speed Humps

• Physical solution to slow speeders
• Customized to your streets
• Quick and easy to install
• Highly visible and aesthetically pleasing
• Environmentally friendly

Find out how you can reduce crashes and save lives on your streets with intuitive traffic safety solutions from Traffic Logix.

All Traffic Logix products can be purchased through NCPA.

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