Ideal for creating traffic circles, curb extensions, medians, or lane widening or narrowing, the Traffic Logix SuperFlex curbing is made of highly flexible rubber that allows you to bend and shape it to any configuration. Available in brick red with a choice of white or yellow striping embedded onto each unit, the SuperFlex rubber curbing is highly visible even in poor lighting conditions. With the flexibility you need to create customized solutions, Traffic Logix rubber curbing can be used in any traffic setting. To see more photos of Superflex curbing, view our photo galleries.


Units can be bent and shaped to create the exact configuration you need for your streets


SuperFlex Curbing can be used to create endless configurations such as traffic circles, road narrowing or widening, chicanes, bulb-outs, lane separation or road medians.

Cost effective

Rubber curbing is a long-lasting and removable for years of continuous use. Other solutions often require costly replacements while the Traffic Logix cushion units can simply be removed and reinstalled as necessary.

Highly visible

With a choice of yellow or white highway tape embedded into each unit, the rubber curbing is highly visible, even at night or in poor lighting conditions

Driver acceptance

Prefabricated units offer consistency at all locations, an important factor for motorist acceptance and ease of use. Unlike concrete and asphalt, rubber units maintain their shape over time and do not contract with heat or vehicle pressure.


The rubber curb units can be removed for road resurfacing, snow plows, or to test the products at numerous locations. Unlike asphalt and concrete which must be destroyed during removal, the rubber units can simply be removed and reinstalled.

Long lasting

The Superflex curbing is maintenance free and built to resist temperature fluctuations, inclement weather conditions, and ongoing vehicle traffic.

Two year warranty

Two year warranty on Superflex curbing components installed as per manufacturer's instructions.

Specifications Printer-Friendly Version

  • General Description: The Rubber Curbs are used to construct curbs, traffic circles and safety islands.
    The weight of each unit of the curb is 13.2 lbs.
    Each unit is bolted to a paved road surface using three lag bolts 3/8" dia. throughy a plastic shield installed in the road surface.
  • Dimensions of each curb unit:
    • width 3" (+/- 1/16")
    • length 39" (+/- 1/8")
    • height 4" (+/- 1/8")
  • Dimensions of the traffic circle: minimum inside diameter: 6.5 feet
  • Material: Compression molded synthetic and natural rubber
  • Physical properties:
    • tensile strength: 800 psi
    • shore hardness: 70A
    • specific gravity: 1.4
  • Marking:
    • rubber curbs are available in black or red brick color
    • each unit can be marked with four reflective strips of white or yellow tape 1.5" by 3.75" each

Install Guide

Installation tools
  • Measuring tape
  • Heavy duty hammer drill
  • Drill bits carbide tip, At least two 9/16" dia., 10-12" long
  • Installation tool for plastic shields
  • 11/16" drive socket with a power tool
  • Portable blower for cleaning installation holes
  • Utility knife
  • Crow bars
Installation method
Each curb unit is affixed to the pavement with three zinc-plated steel lag bolts 3/8" x 4",  plastic polypropylene shields and 3/8" zinc-plated steel washers supplied with the units. 9/16" diameter holes are drilled through the holes in the units into a paved road.
The plastic shields are installed in the mounting holes with the provided installation tool.
The lag bolts are inserted into mounting holes and tightened (do not over-tighten the bolts).


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