1. Traffic Logix traffic calming devices (the “Traffic Calming Products”) are designed to be installed on local residential streets with posted speeds of 30 mph or less. Prior to installation, the Customer should determine if any federal, state, or local regulations govern the installation or use of Traffic Calming Products.
  2. The installation location of any Traffic Calming Product should be reviewed by a Traffic Engineer.
  3. Traffic Calming Products should only be used on roads with less than 5000 vehicles per day.
  4. Traffic Calming Products should be installed only on roads that are used primarily by passenger vehicles.
  5. Traffic Calming Products should be installed in such a way that they are visible from at least 200 feet. For safe usage, Traffic Logix products must be installed in conjunction with appropriate signage in accordance with ITE’s State of the Practice on Traffic Calming, as well as ITE’s Manual on Uniformed Traffic Control Devices.
  6. Traffic Calming Products should not be installed on roadways that have more than an 8% grade.
  7. Traffic Calming Products should be installed with a minimum of 3 inches of asphalt underneath the device.
  8. All bolts and shields must be installed.
  9. Quarterly inspection of each Traffic Calming Product is required. If the Traffic Calming Product has been damaged in any way, it should be replaced.
  10. Traffic Calming Products must be removed prior to the first snowfall, and should only be reinstalled in non-winter months.