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The Traffic Logix SafePace Beacon System provides a visual alert to drivers of changed driving conditions such as school zones, pedestrian crossing, or construction ahead. They have been proven to improve safety by making drivers more vigilant and are a low-cost, low-maintenance solution. Available in a variety of configurations and a choice of colors, the SafePace beacons can be purchased alone or as part of the complete SafePace School Zone System. To see more photos of the SafePace Beacon System, view our photo galleries.

Increases driver attention

Flashing beacon alert drivers to changed driving conditions

Improved Safety

Flashing beacons have been shown to improve safety in school zones by decreasing vehicle speeds by up to 7 mph

Cost effective

Solar powered system requires no costly wiring and works on renewable energy while all in one solar panel/power system requires no additional cabinet

Easy to install

The SafePace beacon system can be installed on most common sign posts

User Friendly Software Interface

Easy to use management software allows you to turn systems on and off multiple times per day and set beacon schedules and exceptions

24/7, 365 day scheduling

Allows you to set daily schedules including changed settings on holiday or exception days such as early dismissal

Multiple configurations

Beacons are available with various placement options including above and below the sign or to the right and left of it

Choice of Colors

Choose from yellow (amber) or red beacons to best meet your safety needs

Two year warranty

Two year warranty on parts and labor excluding damage related to vandalism, abuse, and/or theft

Specifications Printer-Friendly Version

Click here to download the full spec sheet for the SafePace beacon system.


Improves Safety

Research has shown that flashing beacons improve safety in school zones by decreasing vehicle speeds up to 7 mph.


Solar powered system requires no costly trenching or wiring and works on renewable energy

All-in-one solar panel/power system, requiring no additional cabinet

Easy Installation and Operation

Installs onto most common sign posts

Configured with an easy-to-use Windows based management software which when programmed, can turn systems on and off multiple times per day and coordinated with school calendars including holidays, early dismissals and exception days




Length Width Height

10 W System 15.32" (381 mm) 11.95" (304 mm) 6.75" (171 mm)

20 W System 15.32" (381 mm) 24.25" (61 mm) 6.61" (168 mm)


12/14 gauge aluminum with ultraviolet protected powder coating

Weatherproof, NEMA 4X-12, IP65 level compliant

Non-sealed and ventilated


LED Technology ITE VTCSH LED circular signal

Size and Color 12" (305 mm) diameter; yellow (amber) or red

8" (203 mm) diameter; yellow (amber) or red

Signal Housing ITE compliant, UV stabilized polycarbonate (yellow or black available),

optional back plate


Flashing pattern MUTCD compliant (default)

Alternate, unison, and fully customizable flash settings

Control Scheduled calendar, manual override switch box


Power options 12VDC solar or AC power

AC power range 90 to 264 VAC

Ambient light control Ambient light sensor and automatic brightness control

Power efficiency Best-in-class power efficiency

Autonomy without solar power Up to 30 days (configuration and daily run-time dependent)

Daily run-time Up to 12 hours per day (configuration and location dependent)

Battery lifespan 3 to 4 years


Operating temperature range +5°F to +122°F (-15°C to +50°C)

Extended Operating Temperature F(C) -40°F to +122°F (-40°C to +50°C)

(optional )


Software Easy- to- use SafePace™ Beacon System Management Software; configure all settings including scheduling up to 24/7, 365 day scheduling including holidays and exception days

Manual On-board programming of basic configuration settings


Bracket options pole size 4.5 inch (114 mm) round, 1.75 inch (45 mm) round, 4 x 4, 4 x 6, 6 x 6 wooden square

Color Yellow or Black


Battery Sealed Rechargeable, Valve Regulated, Maintenance Free Lead-Acid Batteries

Solar Panel Compact 10W or 20W panel


Term 2-year limited warranty

Installation Options

beacon placement optionbeacon placement optionbeacons placement option


Your choice of beacon configurations: