Traffic Calming: Present and Future

See the first ever Traffic Logix webinar, Traffic Calming: Present and Future.  Presented by Traffic Logix Vice President Craig Timothy with guest speaker Professor Reid Ewing. The webinar will be based on Mr. Ewing’s recently published book, The U.S. Traffic Calming Manual. The three part webinar includes an overview of traffic calming measures, a guide to designing effective traffic calming, and what we can learn from Europe as we look toward the future.

Professor Ewing is a nationally acclaimed expert in traffic calming, author of “Traffic Calming, State of the Practice,” published by ITE, as well as the recent  “Traffic Calming Manual,” co-authored with Steve Brown and co-published by the American Planning Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers. A professor of city and metropolitan planning at the University of Utah, Professor Ewing has worked on traffic calming projects from New York to Florida and programs from the east coast to the west coast.

The video can be found here