Traffic Logix Announces Launch of New SafePace Radar Speed Sign Series

Traffic Logix has launched the SafePace 400, 500, and 600 radar speed signs, joining the sought-after SafePace 100 released last summer. The SafePace series is intuitively designed, incorporating elements that reflect the concerns of today's cities and the habits of today's motorists. With the introduction of the SafePace radar speed sign series, Traffic Logix continues to lead the way to returning safety to neighborhood streets.

roadworkThe new SafePace signs build on Traffic Logix' experience with radar speed signs and the needs of today's cities, incorporating the features and options that cities need most. The SafePace 400 is a driver feedback sign with a static 'YOUR SPEED' message. The SafePace 500 is a white variable speed limit sign ideal for school or work zone locations where speed limits fluctuate. The SafePace 600 is a dynamic speed sign, offering two rows of completely customizable text, including animated text or graphics.

All three of the new signs in the SafePace series are MUTCD compliant with large 15' LED digits designed to capture the attention of motorists. The signs are Bluetooth and WiFi compatible for quick and easy sign management and data download. All SafePace signs include an optional data collection feature with a robust reporting module to generate reports for traffic analysis. An integrated flashing speed violator strobe comes standard, a valuable tool to refocus the attention of the distracted driver. The signs are environmentally conscious, including low power consumption with the most power-efficient radar technology available and optional solar power to reduce energy usage. Constructed with a high-strength aluminum face, the SafePace signs have the durability you need for long-lasting performance.

Radar speed signs are effective in slowing cars down, particularly with today's highly visual, often distracted drivers. They operate based on the feedback loop theory: when we are presented with information about our performance, we tend to notice and improve. Extensive research has proven that feedback loops affect real and positive change on people's behavior. Radar speed signs have been shown to slow drivers an average of 10% usually for several miles. Using the Traffic Logix SafePace radar sign series, you can change the way that motorists drive on your streets. Traffic Logix solutions have been chosen by more cities than any other traffic calming provider. To learn more about why hundred of cities choose Traffic Logix, visit us at www.trafficlogix.com or contact us at info@trafficlogix.com.

Traffic Logix also manufactures a complete line of modular rubber traffic calming solutions including rubber speed humps, cushions, tables, and curbing.

To find out more about acquiring a SafePace sign, visit us on www.trafficlogix.com or call us at 866-915-6449.

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