August 8, 2013: PR Web: Spring Valley, NY

Traffic Logix Announces the Launch of the New SafePace 450 Lightweight Speed Sign With Full Size Digits

The groundbreaking SafePace 450 speed indicator sign creates a new niche in the speed display market with its compact, portable design featuring full-size 15” LED digits. Combining the portability and autonomy of the best-selling SafePace 100 sign with the full size digits of the popular SafePace 400 and 600 speed display signs, the SafePace 450 offers the best of both worlds.

Traffic Logix has launched the new speed indicator sign in response to growing market interest in a sign that offers full-size visibility without full-size weight. The narrow-profile SafePace 450 boasts MUTCD compliant 15” led digits for improved visibility as compared to the 11” digits on the compact SafePace 100 sign. The new speed indicator signs offer a choice of two versions with Your Speed text in 4” for the compact version and 6” for the full size one. Both configurations include the 15" digits and both weigh in at under 25 lbs, compared to 53 lbs for the standard Safepace 400 sign.

The lightweight signs can be used at multiple locations with the use of universal mounting brackets that can be affixed on numerous poles, allowing you to mount the sign at multiple locations. The SafePace 450 speed sign slides on and off of the bracket and locks with the turn of a key.

Another feature new to the SafePace 450 is the optional battery power, previously only available on the compact SafePace 100 sign. Up to 2 batteries can be used with each sign, allowing for 4-5 weeks of autonomous performance under normal operating conditions. The speed signs can also be operated with AC or solar power.

Sign parameters can be remotely managed with the user-friendly SafePace Pro software, which allows you to set sign configurations and schedules and set parameters such as display range, operating modes, and speeds for the flashing violator strobe. It is available with optional data collection, which includes robust reporting options for analysis.

As part of the SafePace series of radar signs, the SafePace 450 includes all standard SafePace features such as the durable aluminum sign face, individual optical lenses, stealth mode for baseline data collection, flashing digits and strobe light, and integrates with the SafePace speed trailers and flashing beacon systems.

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Traffic Logix also manufactures a complete line of radar speed signs and accessories as well as a wide range of rubber traffic calming solutions such as speed humps, speed cushions, and rubber curbing. It is the only company of its kind offering a complete toolbox of traffic calming solutions.

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