Florida Town Installs Traffic-Calming Devices to Curb Speeding Vehicles

This article discusses speed cushions and speed humps

Throughout the older neighborhoods of Oviedo, FL, many streets were designed with multiple egress points. As a result, these residential roads received a steady stream of cross-traffic, along with speeding vehicles that created safety hazards for home-owners and pedestrians alike.

When residents voiced their concerns, city officials conducted traffic studies and determined that traffic-calming measures were in order. Officials looked for devices that efficiently slowed down everyday traffic without hampering the travel of fire engines and other emergency vehicles. The city also specified that the devices would not require full road closures during installation, while allowing for simple removal, if necessary.

Fitting the bill were speed cushions made by Traffic Logix, based in Spring Valley, NY. Designed as three small speed humps, the cushions force standard urban vehicles to slow down. However, the wider axle of emergency vehicles allows non-stop travel over the cushions, without calling for reduced speed.


Made of recycled rubber tires, the earth-friendly cushions boast lightweight handling, which enables faster installation than speed bumps made of asphalt or concrete. In addition, the cushions can be reused at other locations, simply by removing anchors and bolts that secure each cushion to the pavement.

Besides installing 14 speed cushions throughout neighborhoods, the City of Oviedo created traffic circles to decrease vehicle speeds. Constructed with 4 in. high rubber curbing, the circles consist of raised islands, placed in intersections. In turn, motorists must reduce vehicle speed to drive around the circles.

Both the traffic circles and speed cushions are embedded with reflective tape to ensure high visibility at night and during inclement weather.

Through the combined installation of speed cushions and traffic circles, the City of Oviedo effectively reduced vehicular speed along streets to calm residents' concerns.

Other communities have also installed Traffic Logix devices. For instance, in Lynn Haven, FL, the company's Speed Tables reduce vehicle speeds along residential streets. Consisting of flat-topped speed humps, the tables allow for more gradual slowing of vehicles than traditional speed humps.

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