January 15, 2014: Exeter Police: Exeter, NH

Exeter Police add speed enforcement tool

The Exeter Police Department recently purchased a digital radar speed sign that will help slow down drivers in neighborhoods. The radar is the first of its kind that has been purchased by the town in the hopes that it can be placed in areaexeter_speed_sign_1s that have reported speed concerns. The unit is portable so it can be moved to different locations throughout the town.


Each sign is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology. This allows for quick and secure downloads from the sign to a computer. A built in traffic counter stores information regarding vehicle data such as the number of cars, 85th percentile, and minimum, maximum and average speeds. This data is then transmitted to a computer using Bluetooth technology to allow for review and analysis. The unit runs on batteries that can be easily removed and recharged for less down time.

The digital sign is located near a posted speed limit sign and gives motorist instant feedback as to how fast they are travelling and a reminder to slow down. The unit was purchased in response to speeding concerns in a number of areas in town. According to Chief Richard Kane he hopes that the sign makes a positive impact on the roadways that we use it on. The sign is currently located on High Street one of the areas that had speeding concerns.


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