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Bringing Safety Across the World

Traffic Logix Expands Safety Solutions to New Countries and Locales

In the past several years, Traffic Logix has become a leading provider of traffic calming solutions throughout the US and Canada. As more and more cities recognize the need to slow cars down and make their streets safer, the demand for solutions continues to grow both in North America and abroad. With the creation of Traffic Logix satellites as well as through direct foreign sales, Traffic Logix is expanding to bring safety to new countries and locales across the world.

In the past year, Traffic Logix has opened successful satellites in Europe and Mexico. Both satellites have their own websites, with customized product information, which can be viewed at www.trafficlogix.mx and www.trafficlogix.eu.

gumatec_screenshot_400In Mexico, there is a growing need for traffic calming as outdated abrupt speed bumps need to be replaced with products that are more car-friendly and effective for residential roads.

In Europe, Traffic Logix has partnered with Intercodam Infra, a leading provider of sustainable and reliable traffic management products, to create Traffic Logix Gumatec. Traffic Logix Gumatec provides a complete range of traffic calming solutions with thousands of products installed in cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany.

Email inquiries from countries around the world arrive at Traffic Logix regularly. Recent inquiries from Columbia, South America; Mumbai, India; Yemen, Southeast Asia; and Stellenbosch, South Africa continue to attest to the need for traffic calming around the world. Traffic Logix products have been purchased by locales throughout the world including a recent installation in Saudi Arabia.

While the company continues to expand its reach to protect streets throughout the world, the goal remains to keep the product line dynamic to meet the changing needs of today's American cities. The overwhelming response to the new low cost, power-efficient radar sign, the SafePace 100, has shown the importance of continuing to create new solutions, intuitive to cities' needs. Several new traffic safety solutions are being developed by Traffic Logix engineers, all of which will complement the existing line of rubber traffic calming and radar signs.

'We're expanding in more ways than one,' said Craig Timothy, the company's Vice President. 'We're reaching new places across the globe, but we're also creating new products for the cities right here in North America.'

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