Variable Speed Limit Implemented in Lethbridge

March 23, 2016: Transportation Association of Canada: Lethbridge, ON


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SafePace 550 Variable Speed Limit Sign

New Anti-Speeding Program Reveals Ticket Totals To Greenburgh Motorists

October 8, 2015: CBS New York: Greenburgh, NY

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SafePace 800 Rotating Trailer Mounted Speed Display

Exeter Police add speed enforcement tool

January 15, 2014: Exeter Police: Exeter, NH

The Exeter Police Department recently purchased a digital radar speed sign that will help slow down drivers in neighborhoods. The radar is the first of its kind that has been purchased by the town ...

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SafePace 100 Compact Entry-Level Speed Sign

Traffic Logix Announces the Launch of the New SafePace 450 Lightweight Speed Sign With Full Size Digits

August 8, 2013: PR Web: Spring Valley, NY

The groundbreaking SafePace 450 speed indicator sign creates a new ni...

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SafePace 450 Lightweight Speed Display Sign