Compromised safety

It is the duty of law enforcement professionals to keep roads safe and secure. According to the World Health Organization, speeding is the single most common traffic rule violation. Speeding drivers compromise their own safety as well as the safety of people walking or cycling nearby. Each 1 mph traffic speed reduction reduces vehicle collisions by around 5% and fatalities by even more. A driver travelling at 40 mph who sees a pedestrian 100 feet ahead will be travelling 38 mph on impact. If the driver was driving at 25 mph, he will have stopped before reaching the pedestrian.

While safer drivers mean safer streets, it can be difficult and costly to constantly enforce speed limits with police patrol. In England, speed bumps are often called “sleeping policemen,” because they continue to reinforce speed limits even when police aren’t present. At Traffic Logix, we help free up your law enforcement team from constant patrolling while providing round the clock enforcement with radar signs, trailers, and rubber traffic calming solutions. Our solutions are used by law enforcement across the country.

Constant enforcement

radar speed trailerThe SafePace radar signs display vehicle speed in brightly lit LEDs. They can each be mounted on the radar sign trailer to allow you to move your signs from location to location. The convenient dolly and hitch options offer additional mounting opportunities that can be helpful to law enforcement professionals. For limited budgets, the compact, affordable SafePace 100 radar sign is our best selling option. All of the SafePace signs include an optional data collection feature that allows you to collect data about driver behavior and create valuable charts and reports for analysis.

The SafePace signs are:

  • Economical
  • Effective
  • Highly visible
  • Energy efficient
  • User friendly

For those looking for physical traffic calming solutions, the speed humps, speed tables, speed cushions, and rubber curbing all offer excellent protection against speeding cars.

Ideal Solutions: