Safe Bases

On US military and air force bases across the world, proud individuals work to protect our country. When cars drive at unsafe speeds in and around your base, they compromise the safety of personnel, trainees, soldiers, and their families. Local roads such as those on a base are the second most likely to cause fatal accidents according to the FHWA. What can you do to make your base a safer place?

Alerting Drivers

The SafePace radar signs are a popular choice to slow traffic on military bases. Using brightly lit LEDs, the signs notifies drivers of their speeds, returning their focus to the road. Radar slow cost radar signigns have been shown to change driver behavior as soon as they are installed and continue to encourage safer driving for months and years to come.

The compact SafePace 100 "Your Speed" radar sign is our best-selling solution for military applications. The SafePace 400 radar sign is also a popular choice with its full size 15" LED digits. The SafePace 600 dynamic radar sign offers two lines of completely customizable text which can be programmed to any message such as Slow Down or Your Speed. All of the SafePace signs include user friendly programming software and an optional data collection feature that allows you to collect traffic data and create valuable statistical reports for analysis.

The modular rubber solutions such as the speed humps, tables, and cushions are another option that is often used to slow vehicle traffic in military bases. They can be used on base roads as well as prior to entry gates to enhance gate security by compelling drivers to slow down before reaching the entrance.

Ideal Solutions: