Safety at your workplace

In business campuses, hospital parking lots, and industrial settings, high pedestrian activity means that slow, safe driving is critical. Low speeds must be enforced for a safe and secure workplace. Whether ensuring that a forklift obeys the speed limit or that employees can arrive and depart safely each day, traffic safety is an important concern. How can you make your facility a safer place?

Traffic Logix offers industrial traffic safety solutions to protect your workplace, employees, and pedestrians. Our radar signs and modular rubber traffic safety solutions can slow drivers down to the designated speed. Using traffic safety solutions at your workplace can also help to reduce insurance premiums as your lot becomes a safer area for vehicles and pedestrians.

A solution that works

The compact, portable SafePace 100 radar sign is our best selling option for corporate and industrial traffic safety. Equipped with power-efficient radar technology, optional solar or battery power options, and a highly visible display, the low-cost sign is the ideal solution to protect your facility.

Rubber speed cushions, speed bumps, or speed cushions, are also popular options to slow cars and protect drivers and pedestrians in and around your facility.

Traffic Logix corporate and industrial traffic safety solutions have been installed in hundreds of settings such as warehouses, businesses, medical centers, airports, and factories.

Ideal Solutions: